Its missions:

The Commission on Access to Documents (Commission d'accès aux documents - CAD)  was created by the law of 14 September 2018 on a transparent and open administration.

It is an independent administrative body of a consulting nature. It is established under the Prime Minister, Minister of State.

Its missions are, according to article 9 of the law:

  1. to ensure the right of access to documents in the conditions foreseen by the law;
  2. to give advice to relevant entities on any question regarding the application of the law;
  3. to publish an annual report.

The CAD issues opinions but does not take binding decisions.

Its composition:

The CAD has 5 members:

  • a member of the judiciary, who chairs the Commission;
  • a representative of the Prime Minister;
  • a representative of the National Commission for Data Protection (Commission nationale pour la protection des données – CNPD);
  • a representative of the syndicate of Luxembourg’s cities and municipalities Syvicol;
  • a representative of the Information and Press Service (Service information et presse – SIP).

The full members and alternate members of the CAD are nominated for 4 years by Grand Ducal decree.

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